Kent Cycle Forums and Clubs


San Fairy Ann Cycling Club

Formed in 1922, San Fairy Ann Cycling Club is based in central Kent and is one of the longest serving clubs catering for cyclists of all ages and levels. If racing or a clubrun is what you are looking for then come and visit them and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.


The East Kent Cycling Organisation

SPOKES objectives

  1. To encourage cycling and publicise its benefits for the community and for individuals.
  2. To ensure that local authority and government policies actively encourage cycling and make full provision for it as part of an overall transport strategy.


The Tunbridge Wells Bicycle Users Group, TWBug was formed to campaign
to make Tunbridge Wells a bicycle friendly town.
Find out more about what they would like to achieve for all forms of non-motorised transport in their area. 

Tonbridge Bicycle Users Group

TBUG wants parents to feel confident to let their kids cycle, to have less polluting cars and congestion on the roads, and a healthier lifestyle.
TBUG would like to see Tonbridge and Malling Cycle Strategy in place and much improved upon!
MEMBERSHIP - Free and open to all cyclists and aspiring cyclists. 

Link to CyclingUK

Sevenoaks Cycle Forum

Their Vision is for Cycling in Sevenoaks and the surrounding area to be a safer, more enjoyable and more accessible form of everyday transport and recreation for all. 

Link to 7 Forum Sevenoaks Forum