Open Meeting & AGM

Open meeting of the Forum - Monday 15th July 2019 at 7.30 pm in the

Hall 1

Maidstone Community Support Centre 

39-48 Marsham Street



ME14 1HH




We are delighted to have a keynote presentation by Jon Little of Bespoke Travel Consulting the project manager for the Waltham Forrest 'Mini-Holland' project.  You are most welcome to attend even If you are not currently a formal Member of the Forum. 

  1. Introduction to the Forum – Paul Harper – Chair of the Trustees
  2. Waltham Forrest 'Mini-Holland' - Jon Little - Presentation available for download at bottom of page
  3. Business Plan and Action Plan – discuss and agree
  4. Update on the SUSTRANS Audit of the Maidstone Walking and Cycling Strategy and the Route Corridor Walking and Cycling Assessment 'The A20 London Road, Maidstone'.

 Following the open meeting there will be a part 2 meeting which is the AGM of the Maidstone Cycle Campaign Forum, only members paid up at the start of the meeting will be able to take part although visitors will be able to observe but not speak or vote.

AGM of Maidstone Cycle Campaign Forum

[1]  Apologies for Absence
[2] Confirmation of currently paid up members
[3] Trustees Annual Report for 2018
[4] Annual Account and Statement of Accounts for 2018
[5] Election of Trustees - The current Trustees (Paul Harper, Matthew Fraser and Angelo , Martinez [Angelo Herandez]) are offering themselves for re-election)
[6] Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair from among the Trustees
        Current Chair is Paul Harper, Vice-Chair Angelo Martinez
[7] Any Other Business - Must be notified to the Chair a minimum of 1 week in advance of the meeting.
Please email if you will be attending by the 30th June.